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FM Logistic: a success story for nearly 50 years

50 years of success

FM Logistic is a family business. Since its creation in 1967, it has climbed the ladder to success step by step. Today, the group is one of the leading international logistics providers.

FM Logistic: a success story after more than 50 years.

     The most important dates to remember in the history of the group are 1967, the year of establishment of transport Company " Faure et Machet " .

Initially, the company offered only transport, but during next 30 years that will follow, the group develops continuously.

     In 1982 Fm Logistic expands its business objective and take over the entire logistics for Mars group, which wanted to develop their retail network in Europe. Thus the logistics provider begins to undertake the business line of transportation, storage, co-packing /co-manufacturing, and its borders are beginning to expand outside France, for Central and Eastern Europe;

     In 1998 the company becomes FM Logistic and after that will begin a logistic boom and the FM Logistic group reached outside the continent and begin to acquire other logistics companies occupying a huge niche on the market.

FM Logistic is a dynamic enterprise that managed to develop in France and abroad. Often a precursor, learned to accompany strategic partners and propose tailored professional logistics solutions for them to adapt on the local market.

     Since 1994, when started its activity in Russia, FM Logistic has continued to expand in Central Europe, Asia and South America. To meet its business partnerships of the retail market, FM Logistic has built for 15 years a true international network, and now 70% of its employees are outside France.

In Romania FM Logistic  began its operations in November 2003, the first implantation took place in Timisoara and counted three collaborators.

     FM Logistic is located in Timis, Dambovita and Ilfov county, but has equally a transmission via five hubs that allow it to achieve effective distribution on the Romanian market.

In 2008 FM Logistic Romania opens the doors to its first platform in Romania in Dudestii Noii, and  in the same year extends in Bucharest with a rented warehouse, 6 000 sqm for the first customer in the cosmetics, L' Oreal. In 2009, in addition to our range of services in the sectors of Retail, Cosmetics, HPC & FMCG, FM Romania extends into the health sector too, this year FM Logistic signs a long-term contract with his first client from the health sector, Sanofi, which stayed with us until today.

In 2011

FM Romania is inaugurating the second stage in Romania, in Petreşti - Dambovita and in the same year it starts the collaboration in the health sector with the second customer in this area, Roche Diagnostics.
The following year we inaugurate a new cell of 10 000 square meters to Dudeştii Noi and in 2015 we conclude the construction of a new cell site in Petreşti.

The small company from Lorraine becomes an international logistics' giant, located in 14 countries with 62 % of its revenue from abroad.


  • The founders of FM Logistic : Edmond FAURE, Claude FAURE, Jean-Marie MACHET

    1967- 2014, 47 years to build the current FM Logistic edifice. Business life is a daily challenge, especially when experiencing strong and continuous growth, which has been the case for our company.

    Our success has not been left to chance. It is the result of a strong legacy of family values combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and a good dose of common sense. Having this example to follow as well as the desire to continue our story, the second generation has brilliantly taken the reins, with the same success-bearing foundations.

    Today, the management teams combine these values with their own expertise and skills. 2014 was a year of victories : the grand prix for up and coming companies, 2nd prize for 'Rois de la Supply Chain', the Gold Trophy for finance leaders, the gold trophy for legal management...

    So it is with shared pride and team strength that we continue writing our story on new continents.

    Claude FAURE on behalf of the founders - Honorary President