Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


An international career that makes a difference in logistics

As an international reference in service quality and operational excellence, FM Logistic attaches strategic importance to developing the skills of its managers. We are reliable professionals with high standards : we provide in-depth training to our employees so that we can entrust them with the management of one of our logistics platforms.

To meet the needs arising from our rapid growth, we are preparing for the future through our corporate university, FM University, which is missioned with the development of our top managers. Our Destination Plant Manager programme, for example, gives our high-potential operational staff access to a one-year training course, providing them with a 360° view of a platform manager's role. Promotion to an international role opens the door to a unique and varied career, combining academic courses, coaching, field expeditions, team work and the employee's own professional project. Our training scheme equips them with the skills necessary to take charge of a profit centre, often multi-customer with several hundred employees.

Powerful tools for ongoing skills development  

In a world of ever increasing change, we make sure that our employees have the best tools available to learn and progress continuously, especially through our e-learning programmes, but also through classroom-based courses. You will be supported by our expert communities (quality management system, learning networks, etc.) so that you can optimize your knowledge. 

Loyalty comes from rewarding your performance

We operate a motivating remuneration policy, which includes (no matter what your position) target-related bonuses to reward your performance.

Finally, internal promotion is prioritized, with the aim of providing opportunities for our local employees, in all of our countries, to access leadership positions and international mobility. We gain the loyalty of our most talented staff by offering them high-level promotional opportunities.