Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Helping you grow professionally is in our mutual interest

Forklift driver, packaging operator, technician, administrative assistant : whatever your profile, FM Logistic will set up a customised programme for you to ensure your professional development within the company.  Every year we make important investments into the progression of our staff towards higher roles : each year, more than half of our staff go on training courses.

In addition, FM Logistic is committed to rewarding the merit and commitment of its employees : as well as managing their professional development, we strive to  share our success through profit sharing systems. Where possible, we also provide employee savings schemes for investment in Group shares, so that everyone benefits from the growth of the company.

One unique procedure for successful integration

The successful integration of new employees is a crucial challenge for an international company whose external growth is both organic and highly significant. From day one, each employee follows a customized induction plan. New recruits discover the company, its values, its business activities, its industrial facility and their new colleagues. There are always a few days' training on a platform so that all employees can get to know our operational business. This unique approach is popular with new recruits. It has also contributed to the success of the rapid induction plan for our Univeg employees, in Russia, which has now became FM Fresh, and McLane in Brazil, now FM do Brasil in 2013. 

Solidarity rooted in our history

High quality human relations are the key to FM Logistic's success. These values, placing people at the heart of our business, are put into practice every day, by our managers, who provide close support to consolidate the commitment of every employee. With the introduction of participatory projects, all ideas and initiatives are encouraged, to get all employees involved in activities, and promote continuous improvement. Bringing people together who are comfortable working as a team : an integral part of FM Logistic's culture since its creation. It is the source of a group philosophy that is reflected at our platforms ; social events are held regularly creating a stronger team spirit. 

This approach is also expressed in the support we give to our surrounding communities. In France, for example, teams support the Association for the paralysed and the underprivileged : clothes donations, collections to support charities, blood donations, and bottle cap recycling, etc. In Spain, the Group has launched the "Blue Heart" programme, through which employees can ask FM Logistic for assistance in helping a charity, or for a personal project. In Russia, collections of hygiene products and clothes are organised for a young offenders rehabilitation centre. In Brazil, a program called "Light in the Dark" was launched in 2013 to provide a glimmer of hope for disabled and blind children.