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La logique des transports urbain

FM Logistic inaugurates its new pharmaceutical distribution centre in Bucharest area

  • 10,000 m² warehouse according to pharmaceutical regulations and standards;
  • operating accreditations issued and validated by the National Medicine Agency;
  • a storage capacity of 14,500 pallets;
  • an occupation rate of 37.5%;
  • temperature controlled areas: + 15/+ 25 degrees C; +2/ + 8 degrees C; -25/-15 C;
  • pharma products serialization;
  • over 77,000,000 units prepared on yearly base within the FM Logistic platform;
  • LEED® in process of certification.  

FM Logistic officially announce the opening of the new distribution centre dedicated to pharmaceutical warehousing in Bucharest area, next to A1 Bucharest - Pitesti highway, in Dragomiresti, Ilfov county. The construction of this platform began in July, 2016 and it welcomed its first pallets in November 2017 on 10,000 m² dedicated dedicated to cosmetics, food products and other FMCG (plus 1,000 m² of mezzanine for co-packing activities) and 10,000 m² licensed for logistics of pharmaceutical goods and 1,150 m² of mezzanine over the front docks for sensitive products.

This FM Logistic investment in Romania was valued at EUR 20 million. It includes the feasibility study, land acquisition, site preparation and construction of the 20,000 m² platform at first, out of 80,000 m² total potential capacity. “Dragomiresti platform is the 3rd platform build by NG Concept in Romania- FM Logistic’s subsidiary dedicated construction engineering. This construction reflects the image of FM Logistic in our country, represent our identity and is recognizable among all in the logistics world. This project has been designed and build with the latest construction standards and technologies, his aim is to answer FM Logistic’s high quality and demand, in the construction area. Since 2009, NG Concept and FM Logistic have decided to create sustainable building across the world. Today we are still under the certification concerning this site and we expect to receive LEED® certification in few months.” said Veronica VASILESCU- Administrative Manager NG Concept.

FM Logistic has been offering over the last 8 years logistics services to leading global pharmaceutical companies including reception, storage, handling and preparing for delivery, information management of products’ flows, as well as products serialization setup in order to be compliant with EU regulation which will become effective as of February 9th, 2019.                       

Jean FRANCOIS FUSCO- Corporate Healthcare Compliance Director FM Health declared that “All serialization startup process required a significant investment in reviewing existing equipment, IT system (hardware & software), processes, employees training; all these points are under Pharma Quality Assurance and Change Control process. FM choice is open and propose all possibilities associated to this evolution inclusive of agregation services if needed.”

All warehouse management operations are performed in accordance with the European GSP (Good Storage Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) requirements for pharmaceutical products. The warehouse is equipped with installations for measuring and controlling the temperature and humidity, installed after regular thermal mapping (on winter and summer) of the facility. Those are insuring the temperature ranges specified by pharma producers for products stored in normal conditions (max. 25 degrees C), sensitive products (stored between 2 and 8 degrees C) and products which require negative temperature (stored between -25 and -15 degrees C).

Moreover, special partitions for certain types of medicines, storage and handling equipment (scanners, etc.), power supply and special security systems (access control, video cameras, etc.), a back-up system in place, guarantee a safe and efficient storage management. 

Due to development of major customers’ business, new contracts and launching of new activities, FM Logistic increased its revenues by 10 % last fiscal year, reaching EUR 27.5 million in Romania (as of 31 March 2018). Extension of existing business and new clients led to a stronger growth of the warehousing activity (44% of the total business) and stable growth for transportation (48%) and co-packing (8%).

The company has 750 employees, operates three logistics platforms in Romania – Timisoara, Bucharest and Dambovita areas on 95,000 m² owned storage space and 2 cross-docking hubs in Cluj and Bacau.