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Innovative copacking solutions for FM Logistic’s clients in Petresti platform


In 2011, once the inauguration of FM Logistic’s second platform in Romania, in Petresti-Dambovita, so it started the copacking activity which significantly increased in 2013 with start-up of operations performed for Reckitt Benckiser- HPC market leader, and continued to grow as the customer portfolio expanded, currently servicing companies from various industries, internationally recognized, like Jacobs Douwe Egberts - leader of the coffee market in Romania, PepsiCo,A&D Pharma, etc.


On a highly competitive market, FM Logistic has developed a culture of innovation and continuous improvement across the company, to offer its customers new services through its know-how and to continuously improve processes and equipments. In this context, within FM Petreşti platform- a real copacking showroom, were conducted tests with the Sawyer robot (distributed exclusively in Romania through Smart ID Dynamics) - an efficient, economic and innovative solution for co-packing, at a very good price-quality ratio.



An innovative solution, high flexibility and competitive price


The Sawyer Robot is an attractive alternative to packaging solutions that enables us to offer integrated copacking solutions with a number of advantages:

- automating copacking operations and processes, replacing workforce for difficult tasks or heavy products,

- much more working hours, can reach even 16 hours a day,

- can be used in a wide range of products, from food and cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals, HPC or general goods,

- an increase of productivity, being able to replace the productivity of one and a half worker, even two, depending upon the processes, while keeping costs under control.


"Moreover, this innovation has a positive impact on existing and potential customers, while being an economical and rapid solution, making possible to prepare promotional procducts and reach on the supermarket shelves faster than ever. Also, based on operational excellence and a win-win partnership in customer relationship, we offer quality services at a competitive price, constantly thinking about solutions for cost optimization, being ahead of our competitors. We are No. 1 on the market in providing copacking services and in the future we will offer integrated copacking solutions through automation, in-house printing solutions for labels, flexibility and cost-saving, "said Laurentiu TUDORACHE, Site Manager FM Petresti.


FM Logistic develops know-how in copacking in Petresti platform


Within the FM Logistic platform next to the A1 Bucharest - Pitesti highway, over 10 million units are labeled each year and over 7 million promotional packages are produces through different methods (PVC wrapping, polypropylene bags, labelling with stamp or legal label, gift packs, etc.), through a team of 80 dedicated people (up to 120 employees in peak periods), 4 machines (Smipack FP 560A with T 450 tunnel, sleeving machine and multipack carton) and 14 copacking lines from Monday to Friday, in 2 shifts, 8 hours each, with the flexibility to work in 3 shifts and weekend time, during peak of activity, according to customer requirements and particulariteis of the ongoing projects.

Currently, we perform 100,000 promotional packs / week reaching up to a volume of 250,000 during peak times and with a labelling capacity of 70,000 units / day which we can easily increase up to 150,000 units / day.

We accompany customer’s promotion strategy through our know-how in copacking, whilst the innovation and creativity of our solutions can be found in various promotional campaigns for renowned brands such as Durex, Scholl, Dettol, Veet, Calgon, Air Wick, Finish, Cillit , Vanish, Pepsi, Lay's,Jacobs, Tassimo, L'Or, etc. for a total of 1,250 SKU’s/ year.


"For FM employees working in copacking activity from Petreşti, this represents a constantly professional development opportunity, where trust, openness and performance are the base of team spirit, and the understanding of clients' needs and the identification of the optimal solutions for satisfying it are essential.", mentioned Marian STOICA- Co-packing Supervisor FM Petresti.



1967-2017: in 50 years, FM Logistic has become one of the international Supply Chain leaders (warehousing, transport and packing). As an independent and family-run Group, it is recognised as being expert in the consumer goods, distribution, perfume/cosmetics, manufacturing and health markets. 

FM Logistic is present on 3 continents and in 5 business-activity zones (Western Europe, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America) with over 25 000 staff members and over a billion in revenue, 63 % of which is made internationally.

The Group is a pioneer in effective solutions for the future of the supply chain, spearheading concepts such as “pooling” (shared management of transport and logistics resources) and Collaborative Routing Centres (multi-client and multi-supplier flow pooling). In partnership with manufacturers, FM Logistic has also developed innovations for the warehouse of tomorrow (AGVs, drones, robots, the utilisation of Big Data…) and supports start-up incubation projects that are inspired by the collaborative economy and applied to warehousing and transport. Being attentive to new consumer patterns, FM Logistic developed CityLogin, the green solution to logistic requirements for the last mile of delivery in Rome, Madrid and Paris, and soon to be in Milan, Warsaw and Moscow


. For its 50th anniversary, FM Logistic has created a corporate foundation. FM Foundation aims to support, accompany and co-build social innovation projects in the fields of integration and childhood, near its current or future locations.


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