Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


A solution that brings together the logistic and transport processes of several manufacturers and has been developed and improved on by FM Logistic since the start of this century.

During this period, taking advantage of its position of intermediary between manufacturers and distributors, FM Logistic identified emerging trends regarding the acceleration of flows and the demands to reduce stocks in wholesale distribution.

A dedicated team is then set up and, in collaboration with its manufacturing clients and distributors, and a coordination service with added value, awarded with an innovation in logistics prize, is born: Deliveries from several manufacturers with compatible finished products and destined for the same distribution networks are pooled together, ideally leaving a shared site.

FM Logistic currently coordinates the largest pool in Europe:

Pooling FM Logistic - 7 industriels


Thanks to pooling flows, deliveries to wholesale warehouses are more frequent. This ensures that products are always on the shelves while reducing storage  the requirements of stores.

Regular deliveries in full HGVs and a fixed delivery schedule allow the reliability of transport to be  increased and routing costs to be controlled. Furthermore, this helps significantly to reduce CO2 emissions.

Pooling of processes

Optimisation of stock levels

Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Proven results

  • The solution has allowed the frequency of deliveries to be doubled. This allows us to react more quickly and automatically reduces the risk of the line being interrupted. Optimisation and pooling have allowed docking to be reduced in the order of 30% - vital at times of congestion in wholesale distribution. Pooling is a real textbook case. Thanks to everyone being open-minded and collaborating, this project demonstrates how constraints can be transformed into a solution creating value for all parties concerned. "

    Piet VANDER GHINST, Managing Director Intersnack France