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La logique des transports urbain


Logistics excellence, an absolute necessity

The right medication, the right equipment, at the right time, in the right place, in total safety :  nothing is more important than logistics when it comes to providing health professionals with the means to treat their patients. FM Logistic has put its expertise into a unit entirely dedicated to the world of health: FM Health.

FM Health includes over than 250 staff, specialised in the logistics of the health sector. Every day they produce customised solutions and global supply chain services for the whole of the distribution network for FM Health's clients : wholesalers and pharmaceutical groups, medical equipment suppliers, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and patients.

Benefits & Services

FM Health, uncompromising quality

Rigorous real-time monitoring

FM Health benefits from solutions developed by FM Logistic, dedicated to  managing and running the supply chain. These solutions make it possible to visualise all warehousing and distribution operations, to monitor and analyse performance via pertinent, customisable indicators (KPI), and to be proactive in case of malfunction.

Perfectly adapted solutions

In every country, as well as in Europe, FM Health works with partners that have the same corporate culture, the same references, and the same standards, that they share with their clients. By integrating clients needs and expectations perfectly, they design the most appropriate solutions to optimise the managing and running of a reliable and well-controlled supply chain.

With dedicated facilities in 6 countries and pan-European coverage, we are a leading partner in operational excellence and continuous improvement for healthcare industries.

At every stage of your logistics chain, our professionals provide:


A demanding and permanently evolving regulatory framework is implemented in each area (country, region, continent). Our operational services are always in compliance with good distribution and production practices, for all professions in the supply chain.


Patient safety and reactivity in case of complication are guaranteed through traceability and monitoring along the entire supply chain. Product and safety-conform handling protect products against theft and counterfeiting.


We offer supply chain solutions adapted to your distribution strategy according to product range : stock centralisation and regional distribution, direct sales to pharmacies, delivery to hospitals etc.

Our commitment is our strength

Our business, operations and support specialists work together to design, implement and continuously improve our processes. They have one main objective - to turn your supply chain into a competitive edge.

The same business culture

Our aim is to have the same standards as our clients in order to integrate their challenges and strategies. We honour our commitments and support our clients' strategic, commercial and geographical developments to create communication-based, long-term partnerships. Our multi-client platforms meet high-quality criteria, storage capacities are optimised , and they are in compliance with all standards in the pharmaceutical sector.

The safety of your patients

The traceability and integrity of handled products is ensured at each stage of the supply chain. Information systems and processes are validated in accordance with pharmaceutical regulations and our teams are specially trained and alerted to issues in the sector. 

On the ground, our pharmacists ensure that processes run smoothly and comply with standards. Best practice in pharmaceutical production and distribution is guaranteed. Regular audits are carried out in Europe, to ensure compliance to current standards and legislation.

FM Health around the world