Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Your logistics, the competitive edge

Every manufacturer is unique : every one of their logistics chains constitutes an original plan that can be tested and improved upon. It is a complex challenge, as there are often competing demands in this sector: the distance and number of suppliers, lean and just-in-time production, product fragility and market value, counterfeiting, etc.

With expert knowledge in the  major business sectors and global understanding of the supply chain, FM Logistic can provide tailor-made services adapted to all of your requirements: international transport, cross-channel distribution (B2B and B2C), customs operations, product traceability and safety, co-packing and delayed differentiation, etc.

Benefits & Services

Your logistics, the competitive edge

Just-in-time production is a strategic necessity in this sector. Our specific solution strengthens the relationship you have with your clients, by optimising your level of service. It also meets your strategic requirements by implementing an organisational structure that's in line with your business model. Our expertise in coordinating delayed differentiation centres will optimise your stock levels and reduce time-to-market.

Customised solutions that make you more competitive

Proactive, FM Logistic designs services that ensure higher performance. A three-phase approach :

  • We look at your logistics processes,
  • We design the solution adapted to your business model,
  • We implement the solution and ensure its operational excellence.

Nissan Testimony

  • "Owing to distances and insufficient transport infrastructures, delivering on time is still complicated in Brazil. The situation is  improving, however, and there is significant potential for development in the country. In order to optimise our logistics models, we went into partnership with FM Logistic in 2013. We are working together towards continual and long-term cost reduction which is our main objective. We share the same corporate culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence that FM Logistic has."

    Tai Kawasaki, After-sales Director for Nissan in Brazil