Compliance & Ethics

Our committment to ethical business.

FM Group, comprising FM Logistic, Batilogistic,
FM Holding and FM Foundation, has committed to conducting its activities with integrity, according to
its fundamental values of trust, performance and openness. 

That is why the FM Group disposes of a compliance department, which has for its mission to define and deploy a compliance policy, according to
the Sapin 2 legislation, including  fighting  against fraud and corruption. 

This manifests itself through:

  • > A zero tolerance policy towards all forms of corruption or illegal activity.
  • > Ethics rules clearly established and resulting from our values and our company culture.

How can you contact
the ethics committee?

These rules are detailed in our codes of conduct. The first is for
our collaborators, it is called “FM Group Code of Conduct” 🔗. As for
the second one, it is dedicated to our partners and is called “Business partners Code of Conduct”🔗. Both provide concrete examples of risky situations, as well as the steps to follow when such a situation arises. 

You would like to report a violation of the code of conduct ? 

You will find all the means to do so below.

Compliance & Ethics

What happens after having reported
a situation ?

Each report is transmitted to the FM Group ethics committee, which carefully examines the information to determine the necessary measures to take or the complementary inquiries to conduct. 

FM Group commits to building and cultivating trust with
its collaborators, its partners, and communities, as well as with the authorities. 

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