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Supply chain is an essential link in our globalised world. What we do directly affects people, cities, society, and the world we all live in. By Supply Change, we mean turning the supply chain into an omnichannel and sustainable ecosystem. That’s to serve one purpose: make responsible consumption available for all.

Perspectives for Supply Change

Business as usual is dead: how can the supply chain enable new consumption models?

In this guide, Jean-Christophe Machet, Paul Polman, Bertrand Piccard, and many others changemakers share with us their convictions about the strength of collaboration and joint actions between different economic actors to create a powerful ecosystem of positive impact.

Report highlights :

  • Greening the supply chain: a crucial lever to reduce our products’ environmental footprint
  • In a world Ruled by omnichannel accessibility and immediacy can we rebuild responsible consumption models?
  • Whilst the supply chain is thriving, how can we ensure it keeps a human face?
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The Covid-19 crisis has undeniably focused the attention of the public and politicians alike on supply chains: making the supply chain safer specifically in terms of food and essential products has suddenly become a vital issue for many countries.

This imperative adds to the numerous transformations already underway in “urban logistics” – within traditional logistics industries: preparation, storage, transportation, product deliveries to the urban environment, a place that is, by nature, constricted in terms of space and time and also requires specific processes.

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Supply Change in action

  • We innovate with purpose (or we don’t)

    We pioneer sustainable market models, not just new-tech.

  • We are a “best in class” model, with a local footprint

    We leverage One FM Model globally, we act locally.

  • We act collectively to deliver positive impacts

    We invite stakeholders to pave a more sustainable way with us.

  • We are inspired by consumers for customers

    We leverage consumer trends when we co-design with customers supply chain models.

  • We power our company by empowering our people

    We are the greatest place to grow.

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