With more than 50 years of expertise in the FMCG supply chain, FM Logistic is a trusted partner to help its customers face their challenges. First logistic actor to implement pooling, mutualisation for the benefit of our customers is in our DNA.

With more than 50 years of expertise in the FMCG supply chain, FM Logistic is a trusted partner to help its customers face their challenges. First logistic actor to implement pooling, mutualisation for the benefit of our customers is in our DNA.

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    years of experience

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    LEED™ or HQE®-certified platforms covering more than 730 000m²

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    of FM global turnover

Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

How, where, what and why people consume is influenced by the changing world in which they live. Consumers search, buy and get their purchases delivered in different ways, which requires not only multichannel but also omnichannel strategies. Consumers want products to be manufactured and supplied sustainably. They want to pay less.

From brand perception to supply chain efficiency, consumer products companies face a long list of significant challenges: changing customer expectations and market access routes, distribution consolidation, digitalisation… The need for innovative and sustainable FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) logistics solutions and penetration in emerging markets are key.

For over 50 years, thanks to a culture shared with our customers, we have been co-constructing innovative FMCG logistics solutions to support the transformation of consumer goods supply chains. As an expert in transport and warehousing solutions, FM Logistic has developed a unique know-how in the FMCG sector, from dry and fresh goods, through hygiene to cosmetics and luxury products. Today, more than ever, we help our customers to gain a competitive edge and to boost sales while making a real difference to deliver a real “supply change” for a positive impact.

Supply Change in action for FMCG

At FM Logistic, we pioneered transport pooling and the one roof concept. From eco-friendly co-packing solutions to neutral carbon warehouses, we strive to optimise the way we use resources, always monitoring and continuously improving our carbon footprint. To cope with the new challenges faced by our customers, we develop innovative and sustainable omnichannel distribution with our urban solutions or finished products bulk offer.

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Boost your sales with our FMCG logistics solutions

Ensure the success of your different routes to market

Capitalising on consumer lifestyle trends is a strong strategy. The challenge is to make it a commercial success. We believe in a One Roof solution: omnichannel, different routes to market, one supply chain. It opens up possibilities to optimise, streamline the processing and get synergies of different flows to different channels. 

At FM Logistic, we help you manage B2B and B2C flows in an agile and efficient way. Our FMCG logistics services use fast-track programs to open new channels while leveraging existing capabilities and Plug & Play solutions to ensure a smooth ramp-up of operations. We work with you to develop a flexible supply chain management system that empowers you with reactivity  to market changes, such as increased demand or product launches.

Optimising costs and operational agility through mutualisation and One Roof

Since 2003, we have been developing and improving our pooling solutions for our customers. We believe that mutualisation is the perfect answer to manufacturers’ warehousing and handling challenges. FM pooling solution consists of grouping in a same FM Logistic warehouse flows from different manufacturers who have compatible finished goods intended for the same distribution networks, with shared points of departure and receipt.

The benefits of pooling include better service, cost-effective deliveries, optimised stock levels, synergies between their B2B & B2C flows and a reduced carbon footprint for a sustainable supply chain. Our One Roof concept allows us to guarantee a proactive and flexible management of our people and resources to meet the needs of each individual, including different activities: storage, assembling, co-packing, co-manufacturing, picking and fulfilment

Making your logistics operations a key part of your sustainability strategy

It is essential to support consumers’ demands for more sustainable Fast-moving Consumer goods. We believe that the supply chain has an important role to play. 

That’s why we offer a wide range of better alternatives for your consumer brands, from plastic-free solutions to carbon-neutral warehousing, eco-friendly home delivery, bulk solutions and FM Logistic City Corner.

We can help you monitor and optimise the carbon footprint of your products throughout their supply chain. As we believe that sustainability is everyone’s business, we are continually exploring new supply chain solutions and models to move forward and build a better future with our customers and partners.

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