Consumer and market trends
Consumer and market trends

Packaging : how to improve the customer experience?

Consumers and pet food brands have been focused on ingredients and targeted diets because today’s consumer demands personalised treatment. A requirement that may be a sign…

On April 26, 2018

Consumers and pet food brands have been focused on ingredients and targeted diets because today’s consumer demands personalised treatment. A requirement that may be a sign of far-reaching changes in buying behaviours. Ekaterina Paltsyna, Logistics & Distribution Manager, Royal Canin Russia, explain to us what outsourcing challenges in pet food packaging and co-packing her company faced.

We are talking more and more about ultra-personalisation, the consumer wants to feel unique. What is Royal Canin’s positioning in pet food packaging?

Thinking ” out of the box ” has become the rule. Today, the consumer is looking for meaning and pragmatism. The challenge is to offer him a useful and successful experience. It’s up to us to be smart and innovative to get rid of the superfluous. Our aim is to really create a connection with an impulsive and demanding consumer. Practical, personalised, secure, tamper-proof… we are looking for solutions to meet these requirements, improve the customer experience and optimise our logistics activities. Our brand image and our reputation depend on it. For example, with our logistics partner, we develop customised kibble packs for a unique little dog. From the name of the pet to any specific advice and veterinary recommendations, we offer a unique packaging. Ultra-personalisation is an essential part of our premium positioning. It is a key success factor and an undeniable differentiation in our market.

Royal Canin outsources its co-packing … Why?

Pet food is an extremely competitive market, by entrusting our co-packing to FM Logistic we choose expertise and peace of mind.. Raw materials, innovative technologies, advanced manufacturing processes, secure food packaging methods … the quest for excellence guides us when choosing our partners. Our know-how is to provide our customers with a premium diet for their pets. On his side, the 3PL excels in the design of co-packing solutions. By experience, entrusting our co-packing to professionals recognised on the market guarantees the good deliverability of the project, cost-savings, and access to the best innovations of the sector.

How logistics helps you to outperform the competition when it comes to pet food packaging?

Co-packing suppliers must come up with aesthetic, practical and attractive solutions that always contribute to a unique and useful path to purchase… Our logistics partner must help us deliver a promise of excellence to our customers. The “wall-to-wall” organisation of FM Logistic is an undeniable advantage to reduce time to market, control overall costs and reduce the impact on the environment by eliminating unnecessary transport. In addition, the concept of multi-client platform and shared co-packing areas guarantee flexibility and cost optimisation. And that’s without counting the benefits of delayed differentiation. The ultra-personalisation of our kibble packaging for a specific pet requires extreme flexibility and a vision of the supply chain that combines sharp engineering, manufacturing, and planning.

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