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Warehousing & Handling

Global vision and international facilities to give you the competitive edge

Our Warehousing & Handling services are based on a territorial network set up where you need them. From design to management, our platforms are certified to accept all products, even the most demanding. Multi-client and multi-activity, they guarantee the flexibility and optimisation of processes and costs. They are managed by powerful IT systems, with constant and rigorous monitoring: continuous improvement is guaranteed. 

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To build the platforms of tomorrow

FM Logistic guarantees the quality and functionality of its multi-activity and multi-customer platforms. The Group is supported in this area by NG Concept, a building engineering company that is part of the FM Group. From location to design and construction, the two companies work together on the development of the platforms of tomorrow and respond to the most exacting requirements in the area of sustainable building, safety and security.

A global approach to gain the competitive edge

To manage units such as full pallets, our solutions are designed and managed from a global approach. We make the most of proven methods and technologies to propose a benchmark solution to each of our target sectors. Ongoing training and the involvement of our operational teams ensure their ability to optimise the added value of our services on the ground with one major objective: to improve your competitive edge

A long-term, continuous improvement service

Ever since it was created, FM Logistic has built up an expertise in the professions of warehousing and handling which now enables it to ensure excellence in its operations on a daily basis, as close as possible to ground level and to your clients. Our quality criteria, methods of monitoring and the constant strength of our offers are your guarantee of a service of long-term continuous improvement. 

Case study

  • Bledina

    FM Logistic supports the development of its customers



    To support the brand's development and make the freshest products available to young parents, Blédina decided to establish a new masterplan for its supply chain. They selected FM Logistic to help them with this major project. This meant a change of service provider and the transfer of stocks to a new logistics centre.


    Combining logistics and distribution with co-packing operations, all of the brand's distribution networks are covered and the customer's supply chain is flexible and reactive.

    The start of the project has been a success with perfect control over operations and fulfilment of the main performance objectives agreed on with the customer.


    "We are particularly pleased with the quality of the work done, the professionalism and business expertise of the technical and operational teams, as well as with the spirit of cooperation and partnership demonstrated on a daily basis by the teams at every stage of this huge project ".

    Jérôme HILSELBERGER, Logistics Director, Blédina France