Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Adopt advanced tactics.

To maintain a competitive edge and gain consumer loyalty, major retailers have to optimise their logistics chain.

At the strategic intersection between manufacturers and distributors, FM Logistic designs dedicated or collaborative solutions, specially adapted to cross channel strategies and to the offer of mass distribution and specialised distribution.

Benefits & Services


Solutions that anticipate your business development

Faced with a changing and competitive environment, our project management methodology constitutes a major asset. Our experienced project team can help you integrate a new distribution network or set up a consolidation centre, as required. Their role is to help you develop your business.

FM Fresh

Continually improved excellence

FM Logistic teams also operate from clients' platforms, where they  implement an excellence-friendly environment, necessary for continuous improvement. Order picking is optimised, carried out at ambient or controlled temperatures, or in secured areas to meet store requirements.


FM Fresh: your guarantee of flexibility and security

FM Fresh completes our range of services dedicated to distribution brands. FM Logistic possesses the necessary management tools to provide this specialist cold supply chain solution. All links in the chain are integrated and monitored to guarantee product traceability and integrity.