FM Romania Freight Forwarding S.R.L, a new business entity

07 May 2024 | We are announcing the strategic spin-off of international transport services into FM Romania Freight Forwarding S.R.L to better serve our customers.

On May 7, 2024

The undersigned, FM Logistic Corporate SAS, a company registered in France, in ZI Rue de l’Europe, 57370 Phalsbourg, registered with the Trade Register of Metz under No TI 452 228 596, legally represented by Mr, Jean-Christophe Machet as President,  sole shareholder of FM Romania S.R.L (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “FM Romania”), a limited liability company organised and operating under Romanian law, headquartered in Dudestii Noi, DN6 KM 570+190 Dreapta, Timis county, registered with the Trade Register under No J35/342/2004, sole registration number RO16137692, legally represented by Alexander Pavlov, as Managing Director

We hereby inform about the commencement of a planned partial spin-off process by which, part of the patrimony of  FM Romania corresponding to the provision of international transport road transport services (“Transferred Activity”) will be universally transferred to FM Romania Freight Forwarding S.R.L, a newly created Romanian legal entity, with its registered office in Sat Dudeştii Noi, Comuna Dudeştii Noi, DN 6, KM. 570+190, DREAPTA, registered with the Trade Register under No J35/1396/2024 from 03.04.2024., sole registration number 49877123, legally represented by Christophe Menivard  as Director (hereinafter referred to as “FM Freight Forwarding”, as beneficiary company.

By implementing the partial spin-off, the business consisting in provision of domestic transport services & integrated logistic services will be maintained at the level of FM Romania, while the business consisting in providing international road transport services will be transferred to FM Romania Freight Forwarding. Thus, following the implementation of the partial spin-off process, the current business of FM Romania will be carried out by two independent legal entities part of FM Group, FM Romania will continue to be a leader on the Romanian market for high quality logistic services and domestic transport services, while FM Romania Freight Forwarding will focus on delivering unique services such as long cross-border lines, customs and border controls, relying on a wide geographic network of subcontractors.

The spin-off will not affect in any way the capacity of FM Romania or of FM Freight Forwarding to perform its obligations towards their business partners. The notified spin-off will come into effect at a date to be announced later on, through a future notification.

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