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Transport & Distribution

Flexibility and reliability: our commitment to optimise your performance.

Our services meet all the transport needs of  B2B and B2C distribution networks : flexibility, safety, traceability and… competitiveness. We are able to organise your transport at national and/or Euroean level thanks to our capacity of auditing existing organisations, optimising your transport plan and diagnosing your requirements. 

In every country that we are based in, we have a major network of partners so that we can be more reactive in a fluctuating market, with a network that can meet all the needs of our clients.

In 2014 : 

distribution key

Our assets

An optimised transport plan

An optimised transport plan

Being independent from its network of partner transporters, FM Logistic has the required objectivity to provide good advice. Covering the whole distribution chain and taking advantage of optimisation opportunities, our experts are focused in making every delivery efficient and responsible.

Real-time tracking

A greener environment

FM Logistic wants to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. In addition to collaborative solutions such as "Pooling", we use multimodal transport more and more in order to protect the environment. At the start of 2014, the group joined Green Freight Europe, an independent and voluntary pan-European programme whose aim is to make goods transportation in Europe more ecological.

Respect for the environment

Real-time tracking

With global supply chain expertise, FM Logistic has an integrated vision of all processes in order to ensure their transparency and continuous improvement. Our IT platforms, for monitoring and tracking, allow us to optimise the running of our operations and share our information in real time.